Climate-controlled storage at AAA Alliance Self Storage in Tempe, Arizona

Climate-Controlled Storage in Tempe

At AAA Alliance Self Storage, we’re proud to offer the storage space you need at an affordable price. We’re even more proud to offer storage with unexpected features that go a long way. Our climate-controlled storage units allow you to store with confidence, knowing that your items are kept free from harsh temperatures and outside elements that can ultimately damage stored items. So whether you are storing business items such as electronics, paperwork, or furniture, or even storing personal items like photographs, linens, and artwork, our climate-controlled storage has you and your items covered.

How It Works

Our climate-controlled units are kept at a comfortable temperature year-round. If temps are blazing hot outside, your stuff is kept cool inside. Climate-controlled storage works to:

— Prevent exposure from outside elements

— Keep items at a comfortable temperature 

— Keep vulnerable items in a clean & affordable unit

Are you in need of climate-controlled storage? AAA Alliance Self Storage is here for you.